Therapeutic Supervised Visitation / Reunification In Mt. Kisco, NY

In the course of separation or post-divorce, one parent or the other may become estranged from their children or behave in such a way that causes concern to the other parent. In some instances, children may be very resistant to seeing another parent, or the court may deem it unsafe for a parent to have unsupervised access to their children.

In these cases, it is useful to have children and their parent work with a therapist to determine whether, and under what circumstances, it is appropriate for a parent to be with his or her children.  In my Mt. Kisco, NY private practice, I carefully assess the entire family.

When it is appropriate, the estranged parent and children are brought together in a therapeutic environment where they can begin the process of repairing the relationship. In many cases, unsupervised visitation is incrementally implemented and becomes the norm.