Collaborative Divorce In Mt. Kisco, NY

Collaborative divorce is a process in which separating couples and their children have the opportunity to transition to the next phase of their lives in a peaceful and cooperative manner. To that end, a team of professionals is assembled that includes an attorney for each client and assistance from mental health practitioners and a neutral financial professional.

I joined the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals when it was first assembled in 2007 and have been working as a neutral child specialist and divorce coach since that time. As a child specialist in Mt. Kisco, NY, I have been able to help families bring the voice of their children, who often go unheard, into the process.

In my role as a coach, I assist clients in separating with each other in a way that leaves each person feeling understood by the other and able to move forward in a way that is beneficial for each member of the family.

My commitment to this model has included attending multiple trainings and serving on the Northern Westchester leadership committee to continue to educate our members, and the community at large, about the benefits of collaborative divorce. I have also given presentations about this topic to other professionals, community members and law students.